Wine and Flowers

New Hampshire's largest winery, Flag Hill Winery, makes a fabulous port. And since I will be in need of some port for a recipe soon, Colette and I took off across the countryside on our quest. Such a pretty winery!

Mission accomplished. And the best part is, I'll only need a small amount for the recipe! The rest of the bottle and some fine, dark chocolate...mmmm.

Then, having a bit of time before we had to be home, we just got lost. Our family loves getting lost down country roads in New England, all made possible by having a good GPS that will get us home. Thankful for that technology! Listening to some vintage Chuck Berry tunes on Colette's playlist, we enjoyed going up and down the winding roads. And suddenly, we crested a hill and found a field full of Queen Anne's lace in full bloom.

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