Too Close

I love my power walks. One of the streets I walk along, while developed on one side, is just woods on the other. It's full of pine trees and deciduous trees that turn glorious shades of color in the autumn. The street is often littered with pine cones and acorns from the trees. I walk past stone walls and climbing bittersweet and dangling Concord grapes. I peer into the woods to spot the burbling stream and to delight in the ferns on the forest floor unfurling every spring and dying back every autumn. And just at the point I usually turn back around and head for home, there's a seemingly wild apple tree that once in a while will actually produce apples.

But this summer, THIS has been happening...

Lots are being cleared for houses. Sigh. I'm feeling like Pa in the "Little House" books...disgruntled that I can see the smoke from my neighbor's chimney, feeling like the land is getting too "settled up", thinking we need to move further out. But I'm trying not to be too terribly grumpy. Trying. 


  1. I live in South Florida and for years I've been getting more and more sad as I see a beautiful place being turned into concrete. I'm so sorry for your beautiful walk being turned into suburbia. I feel for you.


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