Weekend in the White Mountains

Last weekend, our whole family headed north for a stay in the White Mountains! The rain and clouds made for some beautiful scenery on the drive there.

The next morning, we all ate a scrumptious breakfast together. Breakfast with a breathtaking view that stretched for miles.

Something about eating breakfast out is such a treat for me! And chef-prepared omelettes made to order are the best!

Then we had a blast in the inn's indoor water park! Unfortunately, I didn't really get a single good picture. But trust me...it was great fun!

Afterwards, the guys were all talking about how they wanted to go to this sporting goods store and that one. The guys were planning a shopping trip? This is highly unusual! So, they took one car and went and did there "manly shopping", and we girls took the kidlets and headed to the outlet mall. It also happened to be Felicity's birthday. So, while she did some clothes shopping, Colette and I entertained the kids.

Then we all met up for a birthday lunch for Felicity at the Flatbread Company. They do woodfired flatbreads cooked in their giant brick ovens. They split the wood for the ovens right on the spot, which entertained the kidlets for a long time!

Precious times together!

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