Walking Through Fabric Splendor

Would you like a tour of an amazingly beautiful fabric store? I don't get there often, since it's in another state, but when I'm in Brattleboro, Vermont, I stop in to enjoy the fabric splendor at Delectable Mountain Cloth. It's what I imagine a fine, European fabric store must be like, with every fabric and bauble of the highest quality. Peering in the front window...

And stepping in the door, this is the vast array before us...

Stepping closer, let's admire the pretty buttons! They are all contained in little, glass, antique bowls, and just beckon for you to stir them round with your finger and admire their smooth texture and sparkly qualities!

Love, love, love those pale green buttons (near the bottom, right corner) with the swirly white pattern!

Now let's admire the fabrics! Every one you see is just captivating to the eye and ethereal to the touch! Just look at the array of silks!

Look at the collection of vintage hats in those cases! And don't even get me started on the high quality of the velvet ribbons on the shelves in the back. I do adore velvet ribbon! It's an addiction.

Before we leave, we have to examine these sparkling trims and threads on top of this case. Just what one might need to create a lovely, Downton-esque 1920's evening gown.

Just exquisite! I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. So what did you buy? I couldn't have left without buying a couple of buttons for no purpose other than to look at - or some trim. I doubt I could afford much more, but I'd have to have something....

    1. Believe it or not, I left without buying anything! I went with the specific intention of buying two different Liberty of London prints, but...alas...all out of stock. I almost bought (yet more!) velvet ribbon, but I restrained myself.


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