Easter Celebration

We had a joyous Easter celebration, and hope you did too! The four of us had a breakfast of omelettes and of pastries that...were not homemade...because sometimes, we just Trader Joe's! Then we went to church and heard a fine sermon and sang praises to God for His gift of salvation in Christ!

Then it was home for an egg hunt with the grandkids. I made the girls coordinating Easter dresses and wool coats. So fun to sew for them! The coats were lined in the same fabric as the dresses. 

It was a fun year for egg hunting, because (except for the littlest one), all the kids were old enough to fully participate. Such fun watching them!

Credits for the beautiful table and all the baking this year go to Colette!

An impromptu invitation to a young couple to join us resulted in a great deal of silly fun, balancing checkers on noses and eyes.

An unattended Easter basket was a score for the dog! (Pretzel fishie crackers and teddy grahams.)

A fun gathering of friends and family around the table! Precious memories!


  1. Lovely table...lovely faces around your table!

    And those coats. ~ swoon ~

  2. Beautiful coats for the girls, did you happen to make your daughters' coat as well? Happy family times together!

    1. Thank you! No, I didn't make her coat. Some girls like shoes. Some like bracelets. She?...likes coats. She collects them...even to having a pink one for Easter!


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