An Afternoon of Delicious and Pretty

Last Saturday, Colette, her friend, and I drove up to Hanover to our favorite gelato shop, Morano Gelato. We simply HAD to get their hot chocolate before the season is over! Priorities. 

You see, it's hot chocolate affogato, which means they take a cup of rich, thick hot chocolate and plop a scoop of their incredibly smooth and delicious gelato into it. There it sits, and the two do a little dance in your cup until you have a sort of hot-cold pudding. I chose a scoop of chocolate-hazelnut gelato in mine. Very happy taste buds!

Then we worked off those calories (maybe?) walking around the beautiful campus of Dartmouth College and exploring their classic libraries and chapels. As I watched Colette's friend scan the exterior architectural features of the buildings with a big smile on her face, I asked her, "Do you enjoy architecture?" She said, "Oh...I just love everything pretty!" Isn't that a lovely answer? Aren't we glad for the God-given abilities of people to create pretty?

And the view from inside the above building...

The inside of the Sanborn (English literature) Library is equally beautiful...

The gorgeous, antique French toile wallpaper (full mural) in the Poetry Room of the Sanborn Library.

If you're ever up in the Dartmouth College area, I highly recommend exploring the beauty of Dartmouth's buildings. And be sure to get some gelato too!


  1. Beautiful photos! I am also a hot chocolate lover, finally went to LA Burdick in NH a couple weeks ago, so I will definitely have to add this to the list! What is the name of the gelato/hot cocoa spot?


    1. Yay, for LA Burdick!

      Oops. I can't believe I forgot to mention the gelato shop's name. It's Morano Gelato on Main Street in Hanover. *off to edit this post*


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