Adventuring with Colette

One of my favorite things to do is go "adventuring with Colette". We love exploring the small towns, big cities, and charming places in New England! Monday, she had the day off work, so off we headed to Wellesley, Cambridge, and the Beacon Hill area...all in Massachusetts.

First stop was Wellesley College, where we went to admire the architecture. Were we still in New England? We felt as though we'd stepped back into Tudor England! 

We grabbed some pizza for lunch...mine was chicken and caramelized pear!

Right across the street was Harvard Yard, so we stopped to take a look.

Time for dessert at L.A. Burdick in Boston!...our favorite stop!

Then we strolled down Beacon Street. I love the historic architecture of these buildings!

The angel looking over the Public Garden.

Then we strolled the streets of Beacon Hill...admiring the front doors, window shopping, studying the architecture, ohh-ing and ahh-ing at the cute passing dogs, and generally enjoying this quiet enclave in the bustling city of Boston.


  1. What a lovely time you two had! My daughter Jillian and I love to do the same.She went back to school, and this time it is Regis University near Boston. The school is quite old and the architecture and campus are just stunning. You would love it! Love strolling the Beacon Hill area, but do love the docks area too:-)

    You always amaze me with your period costumes! Where did you learn to be such a beautiful seamstress? Really, you could sew for OSV or Plimoth:-)

    Thanks for the wonderful stroll.



    1. I know! There are SO many lovely areas of Boston, it's hard to choose which to explore! There's something you might enjoy, that I just bought for myself. It's called "Boston City Walks", and it's a little box with 50 cards in it. Each card is a mini-, walking-tour of part of Boston, with numbered stops and a little map, and historical and entertaining information about the stops along your path. I JUST got mine, actually at that store called Ink Spot, in Beacon Hill. Can't wait to pull a card and explore-learn on our next trip into the city. (It costs about $15 and you can buy it on Amazon too.)

      My mom taught me to sew initially. Then from age 12 to 18, I pretty much just forged ahead on my own. Then I kind of gave it up until our girls were little. Then, about 1995, my husband and I got into period dancing, which of course, requires a costume. I designed my first ballgown, but had a costumer make it. And within a few years, we had made friends who also danced, and one of them was an historical costumer, so she taught me heaps(!), including corsetry. And then our friends and their kids and our family would all go to balls together, so ever-growing kids and annual balls really helped to hone my skills in costuming research and sewing. So fun!
      My dream (which will probably never happen) is to spend a summer interning in the milliner's shop at Colonial Williamsburg!


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