Sleigh Ride

A couple weeks ago, we headed north to the White Mountains for a sleigh ride! A sleigh ride is one of winter's greatest delights, in my book! We went to this farm and B&B, which has been in the same family since before the Revolutionary War, when the King of England granted them the land. (I think the date on the sign must relate to the building of the barn or farmhouse, not the granting of the land.) That sort of family continuity is rare, even in New England, and made me so appreciative that the land is still in use and is cherished by the family.

Here comes the sleigh!...and it's whiskered driver! Don't you love it?

We shared the large sleigh with two other families, both of whom had small children. The first part of our half-hour ride had us descending down a hill. I loved hearing the heavy clop-clopping of the horses' hooves and the skidding sound of the sleigh runners on the frozen ground.

Then we leveled out and cut across farmland used for growing corn and hay, before entering those woods. A river ran along one side of the wood, and our party spotted a bald eagle flying quickly upriver!

On the way home, we stopped in at the Mount Washington Hotel to enjoy their views and for cups of coffee and hot cocoa by the fire.

Now imagine yourself standing on that lovely rounded part of the porch...

...and if you were standing there, this would be your view of Mount Washington, with the tip-top shrouded in clouds and the cog railway line highlighted in snow. So pretty!

I can never decide if enjoying the view from the porch is best...or warming oneself by the fire.

Got to love that moose!


  1. So beautiful and what an adventure! We go to the Amish country in Lancaster County, PA and ride their horse & buggy during the summer, we should do it in the snow some time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kate, lovely pictures! Our part of the world is indeed a bit magical this time of year. I was looking for a place to get away with my husband for a weekend, this place might just fit the bill:-)

    1. I can't attest to them as a B&B, but our sleigh riding experience was wonderful!

  3. Just started following your blog through your Instagram through your daughter's Instagram!! I love this post, I have ridden Abby before at Farm by the River! Love that place!!
    <3 Monica

    1. Great to have you as a reader, Monica! I'll have to check out your Instagram!


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