Cider Pressing Day

Certain aspects and events herald the changing from summer to autumn here in New England. The appearance of pots of mums on granite doorsteps. Piles of pumpkins at the farmstands. Heaps of just delivered firewood ready to be stacked. And, for our family, attending our friends' cider pressing party...a delicious sign that autumn is just around the corner. And today was the day!

They have a lovely farm high atop a hilltop, and there we all gathered to press heirloom apples from their orchard.

The apples had been picked and delivered by the cartload to the pressing area.

Then they were moved into huge, galvanized tubs and given a fresh bath.

Then they moved on to one of the two presses...a motor-driven press or a hand-crank press.

Liquid gold deliciousness!

Favorite photo of the day! Photo credits to Colette.

So blessed by the generosity of our friends! We came home with four jugs of fresh-pressed for now, and three for the freezer.

Sunflowers in full bloom by the barn?...just another sign that the seasons are changing!

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