First Big Harvest

Thus far, this has been a fabulous year for gardening! Here's a photo I snapped with my phone of our garden a few weeks ago, probably at its peak of prettiness...before any of the squash leaves started to get a bit yellow, or the tomato plant leaves started to wither.  Every year we change the pattern of the kitchen garden around a bit.  And this year, Colette set about making some wattle fencing to define the beds, and that makes all the difference!  And the layout is just really working for me...easy to reach everything in every bed, easy to wrangle the house around, paths are roomy without consuming too much space, etc.

So far, all my harvesting has been just a few things at a time...three zucchini, a handful of tomatoes.  The day before yesterday, I picked another modest amount of everything that was ripe.  And then today?...THIS! Whew!  It has really taken off!

I'm going to be one busy lady in the kitchen!  Salsa, zucchini bread, and pesto are all going to be whipped up and take their spots in the freezer. The green beans and eggplant are part of tomorrow night's dinner. Some of the tomatoes became a caprese salad for our picnic dinner tonight. It's the happy eating time of year!


  1. Oh, that's a beautiful garden! Beautiful harvest too! It looks like some good eating is in store...


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