Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts

We took our visitor to the Museum of Fine Arts, because it's a "must see" in New England.

Every time I go, I remind myself that I don't need to take so many photos.  But then everything's so beautiful and so amazing, that I can't help myself.

We started the day by marveling at the John Singer Sargent murals adorning the rotunda.

In sharp contrast, there was this giant glass sculpture.

Then it was on to explore the grand galleries of European art.

Two of my favorite European pieces of the day were these by Degas.

And this work by Leighton, "The Painter's Honeymoon", has always been a favorite of mine, so I love it that it's at the MFA and I can visit it each time I'm there. It reminds me of so many times that Technohubby has been drawing some plans for something he plans to construct, and I've been peering over his should in deep collaboration...building our life together really.

We briefly explored the contemporary art before stopping for lunch in the courtyard.

Then the afternoon was spent in the American favorite.  Love it all, but these two particularly caught my eye on this visit.

Next month, we plan to explore the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  Can't wait!

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