The Expedition

Today, I drove Max way up north (further north than I've ever been in the state) and dropped him at this trailhead for a 3-day hike.  He planned it all himself.  He mapped it out.  He outfitted himself.  He joined the Appalachian Mountain Club and made his own reservations at their huts along the way (bed, bathroom facilities, and three meals a day provided). And off he went to hike eight peaks in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. Me?...I'm trusting God to take good care of him. But that Wednesday pick-up time can't come soon enough for me! 


  1. I can relate to the motherly angst. My son hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail at the same age as your son. It was a l-o-n-g week. Saying a prayer for him (and for you).


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