Small Town 4th of July Celebration

I love celebrating the 4th of July in our small, New England town!  The town goes all out to decorate with buntings and flags on the telephone poles.  And individual patriots do their part by sprucing up their homes for the holiday.

The Revere bell in the belfry of the church tolled 10:00, signaling the starting hour for the town parade.

Townspeople gathered around the center of town, for what has been dubbed "one of the best small town parades in the U.S."  And indeed, comparisons to a "slice of Americana" or "a Norman Rockwell-style parade" were words I heard often today.

Let the parade begin!

And then it was over for another year.  Hangers-on swarmed the general store for cool bottles of water, popcorn, or ice cream treats...sitting on the porch steps and chatting with neighbors.  An American tradition at its finest!

Then, for us, it was home for grilled burgers, grilled corn, and more.  And those strawberry shortcakes for dessert! Yum!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous 4th of July!

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