The Graduate

Today was Max's last day of school!  He is our last homeschool graduate, and we couldn't be prouder of him!  Early last summer, he got a part-time job.  In the fall, he was juggling his homeschool coursework, a co-op pre-calculus class, English 101 from a local community college, a business internship, AND his part-time job.  He was one busy guy!  But he has proven he can shoulder adult responsibilities well.  Week before last he bought his first car.  And next week he starts a full-time job.  One more year, and he wants to move on to his goal of doing maritime law enforcement with the U.S. Coast Guard.  Such a delight to see God blessing His hard work and plans!


  1. Pretty awesome!! As a "coastie" as they call themselves here, he could potentially be based here in Cordova!! They have a ship docked here. We have several that attend our church!! Good work Debbie!

  2. Thanks, Marianne! Actually, we have friends who are Coast Guard pilots (they are also husband and wife), and they hope to go to Alaska next after they finish their time in North Carolina.


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