Favorite Places and Details - Old Sturbridge Village

One of my favorite places in all of New England is Old Sturbridge Village.  And so, I thought I would share with you some images from two buildings there.

The first is the Freeman Farm.  I never miss a chance to visit the Freeman Farm every time I go, because it's so full of life!  Something is always happening there.  Animals in the barnyard.  Smoke curling from the chimney.  Food cooking in the kitchen.  This time, it was a bit startling to see the front part of the house "dyed" black (I was told it was dyed, not painted) because it was recently part of a movie shoot.

Good smells were coming from the kitchen...freshly baked apple pie aroma mingling with wood smoke.  Ahhhh.

Just off the kitchen is the dairy room, where milk and cheese are made.  The lighting in this room is always so luminous.  Everything's so simple and elemental, beautiful and useful.

And off the other side of the kitchen is the drying room, where herbs and fish are hung to dry.

And the utility rooms at the back were occupied by...oh my...chickens!  They, apparently, thought it was too cold outside and came in for some warmth.

While the Freeman Farm is a replication of a working farm from the 1830's, the next house, in stark contrast, is furnished and equipped as the house of a wealthy merchant of the time.  Fine furnishings, beautiful linens, china, elaborate wallpapers, etc. can be found throughout the Salem Towne House.

This room, an upstairs bedroom, has a collapsible wall between it and another adjoining bedroom.  Opening up this wall enabled the original owners to use the larger area as a ballroom.  How fun it would've been to attend a small dance in this beautiful room!

I hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. This is so beautiful! I love all the attention to detail. and that china closet! LOOOOVE! <3

  2. Okay, I can't figure out if that published so if this is a duplicate, sorry! So do you think that the quilt was an original from that time or a replica? I loved the pattern and I am so drawn to a red and white themed quilt!! I may have to just make one for myself!! Check out these gorgeous 'reds' on display....I believe these are actually traveling to various locations to display. Would love to see it in real life! http://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/features/article/Quilt-show-celebrates-Ruby-Jubilee-with-5858726.php

    1. Wow! Those are really gorgeous! I love two color quilts for some reason. Maybe their graphic-ness and simplicity?
      I think it's a reproduction, but I'm not sure. Might be just a really well-preserved original.

  3. We are planning to visit our daughter in New England this summer and the one place I requested we go to is OSV. I haven't been there in years and both my husband and I love it!

    1. Do enjoy! It makes for such a memorable day! And be sure to take a carriage ride. They're included with admission and start and end in front of the tavern!


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