Small Town Wanderings

Colette and Max each had their "must do before winter ends" list, and I've done my best to make them happen.

Last week, I took Max and his friends for one last hurrah of snowboarding/skiing.  Instead of our local mountain, they wanted to try out the big slopes at Mt. Snow in Vermont.  So, I dropped them off for a day of fun.

Two hour drive there, two hour drive back, and the whole day to explore the Vermont countryside for me.  I headed over to Bennington, Vermont, where I browsed through an antique store, discovered the local museum is closed only on Wednesdays (that very day), and drove about looking at the historic homes in town.

Spotted this beautiful, old church.

And I drove down a street lined with wonderful, historic homes to the site of this obelisk that commemorates the Battle of Bennington in the American Revolution.

This week (which technically is spring, although it's still so cold here), Colette and I headed over to Vermont for a bit of antique shopping and a stop at the Cabot Cheese Shop, where Colette proclaimed, "Cheese makes me dance!"  Then we popped back over the border into New Hampshire, did a bit of shopping, and stopped at our favorite gelato shop for one last chance this winter to get their decadent Italian hot chocolate.  I ordered dark chocolate hot chocolate with a scoop of fragola (strawberry) gelato.  Yum!  Tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry!

The long goodbye to winter is mostly done...I think.  


  1. I especially like the dark-chocolate-hot-chocolate-and-strawberry kind of farewell to winter!!
    Hmmm...I don't think I've ever seen such a thing around here. But now my imagination is spurred to say farewell in some delicious way. :D

  2. Hmmm...perhaps with something that includes maple syrup? It is the first crop of the season around here!


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