Rolling in Her Grave

My Irish great-great grandmother would be rolling in her grave at how badly I've muddled St. Patrick's Day this year.  Normally, I'm quite passionate about holidays...adding a few touches around the house, planning a special meal, etc.  This year, however, St. Patrick's Day completely slipped my mind while planning the week's menus.  And despite my Irish heritage, I am most decidedly not a fan of corned beef and cabbage, so planning an Irish meal requires a bit more thought than grabbing a cabbage and a slab of meat.  It was while grocery shopping that I realized I'd forgotten to plan a suitably Irish meal for today. What to do?  I happened to be standing directly in front of the brownie mixes.  I made a quick decision to give myself some grace and not stress about a whole meal, and a brownie mix with some chopped up Andes mints would be our St. Patrick's Day treat this year.  We'd pretend that had something (anything) to do with St. Patrick's Day.

So, in the end, I cooked some pasta (think Italian).  I sauteed some sliced jalapeno chicken sausages with a sliced onion (hmm...more of a Mexican flavor now).  And Colette whipped up a delicious cheesy cream sauce and added a little cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes for a bit of a kick.  When it was all tossed together, the melding of flavors was decidedly more Cajun than anything else.  I served it with a salad.  When we finished, I asked Technohubby, "Well, how did you like your 'Irish' dinner?"  His response, "Well, the salad was green."  We all had a good laugh!

And for the record, when you cook Andes mints into brownies, they lose all their green color.  But the brownies are really good!

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