Pretty Inside and Out

Bittersweet, although an invasive pest that will destroy trees, is a beautiful accent for autumn decorating.  Last week, I hunted down a few country roads in search of some growing in an accessible place.  Success!  A few minutes spent standing on chairs tucking and twining and arranging, and the chandelier was looking very festive indeed!

And the foliage outside?  It's adopted it's late autumn shade of deep copper.  The sight of all those copper leaves filling the view from the family room windows today was quite breathtaking!


  1. Oh, my goodness.....such beauty out your windows. Just lovely! Blessings

  2. What beautiful autumn touches! Bittersweet doesnt grow here....but I bought a dried wreath of it at a craft fair a couple of months ago! Its so simple and festive! And love your autumnal view! How beautiful!

  3. I just ordered a chandelier for over my kitchen table that will now have "arms" to hang tree clippings. Can't wait. Your window has a beautiful view!

  4. Heather - Ohhh...artificial bittersweet is quite authentic looking!

    Missi - You're going to LOVE it! We actually moved this one from California, because we liked it so well.


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