How to Make a Great Apple Pie

It's apple pie making time!  I made one over the weekend.  And I made another today to take to a meeting.  As I was about to leave for the meeting, Technohubby said, "Please forget your pie."  Haha!  He was very happy that I brought some leftovers home.

Here are my simple apple pie making tips:
1.) Just say "no" to Crisco in your pie crust.  Butter is all you need.  Butter is the key to flaky crust.
2.) Use a mix of brown sugar and white sugar with your apples.
3.) No matter how much cinnamon it calls for, it will taste better doubled.  Don't be afraid to do this.  You'll never regret it.
4.) A deep-dish pie plate can hold 5 lbs. of apples.  Heap them high, because they will cook down.  When my pies go into the oven, they are about 7" high.
5.) Use a mix of at least three different types of apples.   The variety will create a delicious mix of flavors.
6.) Thinly slice your apples.  Mine are about 1/8-1/4" wide.
7.) Apple pie is always best served warm!

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