Past the Leaves to Find the Wool

Colette and I both needed to purchase some wool for our Etsy shops.  And the best place to buy wool is about an hour northwest of us.  In addition to carrying their own wool, manufactured in a stunning array of colors, they carry fine woolens woven in America and Europe.

But half the fun is the journey...especially in the autumn.  We've all been quite nose-to-the-grindstone lately, so it felt wonderful to be able to escape for a couple of hours and get out and enjoy the autumn beauty.

I love passing this house, in a neighboring town, in any season.  Love that bench!  I try not to covet that bench.

Then it was time to shop.  So many choices!  In the end, she restrained herself and bought just three different types.

And then it was time for the equally beautiful drive home!

And to remind us that winter's just around the corner...everywhere there are signs of preparations for the coming cold.


  1. Oh, I love these photos! Such breath taking, New England Autumn sights. And all that wool, oooooh! I bet that's fun to paw and pet too! ;)
    Our trees are just now starting to think about changing to fall colors. I cant wait!~ And yes....that bench is amazing!

  2. Where do you shop for fabrics? These are lovely!


    1. These were from the Dorr Mill Store in Newport, NH. Fabulous place! Can't recommend it enough!


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