Corn Maze

Last weekend, we went for a drive...just a meander down some unknown roads to undiscovered enjoy the autumn foliage along the way.  And we stopped at a beautiful farm to try out their corn maze.  Everyone else had done a corn maze before, but it was a first for me!  


  1. Lovely views, wonderful pictures! (I want the sheep!)

  2. Obviously you didn't get lost, since your photos are here to show the action!

  3. Cheryl - Yes! I wanted to take the sheep home!

    Melissa - Haha! Well...there wasn't even the hope of getting lost! Technohubby, being very left-brained, knows the "trick" to a corn maze. I shall not tell, and spoil them forever for you. And, Max, with his legs that are 2 yards long, whipped through the maze in record time...three minutes. It took the rest of us about seven. The people at the farm said it would take 40 mins. Sigh. Next time, I'm taking the grandkids so we can get delightfully lost! ;-)


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