Time at the Cape

This year, instead of giving everyone in the family birthday gifts, Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, and Christmas gifts, Colette gifted us all with a two-night stay on Cape Cod!  She rented a roomy house on a quiet cul-de-sac.  Ahhh...fabulous!

Love, love, LOVE all the windows in this house!  A cool, refreshing breeze was whooshing through the house for most of the evening.  Like many beach homes, the main living area was on the second floor, to take advantage of the views.  The open windows in this picture belonged to the kitchen.  And that little overhanging box was a cozy window seat, just right for lounging!

The doorway to relaxation!

The first night we were there, we got settled in, grilled chicken for dinner, and celebrated Colette's birthday.

Awoke the next day to sunny skies and sundrenched rooms.

The view from the picture window in the upstairs living room.

The weather was quite chilly, but you can't go to the Cape without going to the beach.  Love the tall, waving grasses and interesting rocks and shells you can find on New England's beaches.

Theo spent all his time trying to remove the rocks from the beach and fill the bay with them.  Love that "typical boy" behavior!

It was wonderful to be all together for two days!  Next posting...our visit to Nantucket!


  1. What a GORGEOUS place! Haha, my daughter is the same way when we go visit her grandparents who live on Tablerock Lake. All the rocks go in the lake!
    That beach house is just gorgeous. I love the shingles, and a red door! Painting my front door red is on my 'someday' list.

  2. We have a red front door on our home, and I love it! An autumn wreath is more of a challenge for it though...orange and reds just don't show up, and it's hard to find a wreath (or even make one) with all yellow leaves. When we lived in California, we had high-gloss black front doors, and I love those too!

  3. What a wonderful gift idea from your daughter! Precious memories were made and money well spent.


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