Sabbath Rest

For the beauty of the earth
For the glory of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies.

Lord of all, to Thee we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise.

--Folliot S. Pierpoint (1864)

Blog Winner & Announcements

Congratulations to "A World of Loveliness" on winning the Tasha Tudor Birthday Blog Give-Away!!!  (Dear Penni: I can't seem to find a way to email you, so I hope you see this. Please message me at to give me the address to which I should send your gifts!)

Now...for some announcements...

- #1 - There was such enthusiasm over the prizes I was offering, I decided I would list identical aprons and an identical set of note cards in my Etsy shop!  And the BEST part is, a portion of the sale of each will be donated to the ongoing work of the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont!  To see the items in my shop, you can click on the words "Etsy shop" in this paragraph, or follow the links given below:

...for the apron, click here:

...for the note cards, click here:

- #2 - If you'd like to follow me as Goodwife on Pinterest, you can by clicking here!  My boards include: seasonal ideas, home inspiration and housewifery tips, sewing, gardening, entertaining and hospitality, Tasha Tudor, sheep, and more!  If cooking is primarily your thing, than follow my other Pinterest account, Jiggety Pig, which is nearly solely devoted to the kitchen and FOOD (glorious food!) by clicking here!

- #3 - I also have an Instagram account.  Follow me as "goodwifeh" on Instagram!

- #4 - And lastly, if you have a passion for New England gardens (or gardening in general), join me next week for a photographic tour of six stunning gardens!  Last weekend I attended The Garden Conservancy's Open Garden Days in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire AND a gardening lecture by Tovah Martin!  What a delightful day!  I had my camera in hand and snapped hundreds(!) of photos.  (Don't worry, I won't share hundreds with you...just the best of the best!)  It's a rare glimpse at some of the most beautiful private gardens in New England!  Join me Monday through Saturday of next week for the tour!

Thanks to everyone who entered the blog give-away!  You have some inspiring blogs, and I enjoyed visiting several of them!  Blessings!

Tasha Tudor's Birthday Blog Give-Away!

In honor of Tasha Tudor's upcoming birthday on Thursday, August 28th, I am having a blog give-away!  Tasha Tudor has influenced my life tremendously...inspiring me with her self-sufficiency, her seemingly endless skills, her positive attitude, and her appreciation for the beauty found around us here in New England.  (If you type Tasha Tudor into the search bar on the top left corner of this blog, you will find numerous blog postings I've written that mention her.)  So, to celebrate what would've been Tasha's 99th birthday(!) I am giving away this fabulous Tasha Tudor-inspired gift set!

If you win, you will receive:

- a vintage New England Buttr'y Shelf Cookbook

- a simple half apron, like the kind Tasha frequently wore, handmade by me from a 19th century reproduction fabric

- a set of 10 Tasha Tudor-inspired note cards depicting many of the things Tasha loved and enjoyed.  The back of each card has a quote from Tasha corresponding to the image on the front.  Each card comes with an envelope.  (Please note: these are NOT pictures from her property or of her possessions, but they are evocative of the simple beauty she embraced.)

How to enter?  Everyone who leaves me a comment will be entered ONCE (please be sure that your comment somehow links me to your blog or your email).

How to enter MORE THAN ONCE?  I will enter your name one more time for EACH of the following things:

- link this giveaway on your blog (tell me you're doing so and provide the link)
- "Like" Wonderful Life Farm on Facebook
- Pin this posting to one of your Pinterest boards (please provide me the link)

That's FOUR chances you could have of winning this fabulous gift set!  You have until 10 p.m. (EST) on August 28th the enter.  Winners will be announced on August 29th!

Table Plans

There’s a gem of a decorator fabric store here in New Hampshire, the third floor of which sells all their remnants (and some of them are yards and yards!) for just $9 a yard.  One day a week, they sell everything on that floor for a mere $6/yd.  But last Saturday, they had an impromptu sale and reduced the whole 3rd floor to $1/yd.!!!  I raced right over as soon as I heard.  Having several projects in mind, I searched diligently, but found nothing.  One bolt did catch my eye, however.  A green plaid of a fabulous weight, and just perfect for a tablecloth.  Once measured, it was found to be just under two yards.  Although too small for a tablecloth, it will make a fabulous throw over another tablecloth, so that’s how I intend to use it.  And since it didn’t measure even two yards, the clerk sold it to me for just $1.00.  I love it’s versatile colors!
It looks great with the very formal Limoges.

And it could look great with the Christmas china too.

I think it would also look great with some autumn touches too, to bring out the copper-colored stripe in the plaid.

Whiskey Jalapeno Sliders

Recently, we tried the Pioneer Woman’s “Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders” (click here for the recipe).  I’d never made sliders before. It sure would be nice if one could find itty-bitty hamburger buns.  But I found some basic white rolls in the bakery section of the grocery store, and they worked just fine.  The sliders were a big hit with everyone!

Although, I tweaked her recipe in the following ways:
1.) I renamed it.
2.) I just can’t bring myself to pan fry a hamburger, so we grilled them.  I would highly recommend this!
3.) While the burgers are grilling, make the whiskey-jalapeno sauce. Instead of putting your cooked burgers into the pan of sauce, I would recommend that you just spoon it over your burgers (liberally!).
Bon Appetit!

Sabbath Rest

Sunday walk.
" 'Who has ever given to God,
that God should repay them?'
From from Him and through Him and for Him are all things.
To Him be the glory forever.  Amen."

- Romans 11:35-36

Exploring for Food and Fiber

Yesterday, Colette and I explored the countryside for food and fibers.  Specifically, we were headed to Harrisville, New Hampshire.  The draw to Harrisville was two-fold.  Firstly, it is the town that Tasha Tudor used as the inspiration for her story “Corgiville Fair” (and its sequels), and being a big fan of Tasha Tudor, I wanted to see it for myself.  And secondly, I wanted to visit the fiber studio in that town about which I’ve heard so many amazing things.
Inadvertently taking the long way to get there, we were very hungry for lunch once we finally arrived. The only place to get food was the Harrisville General Store, which was a nice blend of deli-grill and general store.  And, yes, Colette is sporting a new hair style!

She order the burger, and I had a BLT.  It was just a humble BLT, but it was simply the best one I’ve ever had!  Fresh summer tomatoes, baby romaine, local bacon, and rye bread…yum!!!

Fortified with tasty, warm food, we set about on foot to explore the quaint and peaceful small town.  Harrisville was, and IS, a mill town, and as such, it needs water for power.  The local lake was lovely and still on this quiet, cool summer day.

Some of the original mill buildings.  The second one is still in use, and I’ll take you for a look inside in a bit.

The town is filled with lovingly kept historic homes and buildings.  A clear pride of ownership and devotion to preserving the past is evident.

This house had a fabulous old gas lamp. I wonder if it’s still operational?

Then we headed for the mill that is still operating, Harrisville Designs.  Their website had this interesting little tidbit:
“Woolen yarn has been spun in the water powered, brick mill town of Harrisville since 1794. This small village is nestled in the Monadnock Highlands of southwestern New Hampshire and is the only industrial community of the early 19th Century that still survives in America in its original form.
In 1977, the Department of Interior designated Harrisville a National Historic Landmark.”
Water flows beneath the mill (when the gates are open) and powers the equipment inside. (Actually, I guess I am uncertain if they still use the water power for the inside equipment.)

Time to go inside…

Harrisville Designs offers a wide variety of fiber products and classes.  Knitting, weaving, felting, spinning…they do it all!  And they make and sell looms too!

I do believe I might want to come back someday and take one of their 1-hr. weaving classes, just to see if I like it.   To read more about Harrisville Designs, click here.

Craftsmen & View from the Top of the World

Today, I took an R&R day and went to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair at the Lake Sunapee Ski Resort.  It’s an annual event, and I’ve wanted to go for years, but have never seemed to find the time.  But today was the day!
There were 350 vendors set up in tents at the base of the ski slopes.  There were demonstration tents, hands-on tents, food tents, and craftsmen/vendor tents.  And it was a perfectly glorious summer day today too!

So many talented craftsmen sharing and selling their wares!  I gravitate towards the more traditional, so these were the lovely items that captivated me the most…
…beautiful tiger maple furniture made by a talented cabinetmaker…

…handmade fly fishing rods!  Not that I fly fish…or fish at all.  But I do love the beauty of movement of fly fishing, and just find it a manly and captivating recreation.

…traditional canvas floor cloths!  I just might be tempted to come back for one of these sometime.  I’d love a small, narrow one for the pantry.

…wool rug hooking…

…and basket making.

Beyond what I am naturally drawn to, there were so many beautiful, artistic items on display.  For some reason, perhaps inspired by the bright blue sky and the very green grass of the ski resort, my eye was caught by primarily blue and green pieces today…
…gorgeous pottery…

…unique pieces from stone.  Wouldn’t that lamp be great in a lake house?

…a very talented printmaker displayed his work in process and then the finished product.  I loved his scenes from New England.

…and beautifully fluid blown glass work.  This first one was a huge, lawn sculpture.

And, in my opinion, the most amazing items of the day were these luxurious handwoven rugs.  Ooooo…look at the colors!  I wish you could’ve felt them…so soft, yet sturdy.

When I was done studying and enjoying this visual feast, I decided to ride the ski lift to the summit of Mt. Sunapee.  I was grateful to God for providing such a beautiful day to take in the view.  The ride up was pretty all by itself…nearly silent except the sound of the wind rushing through the trees, riding high above the ferns and the wildflowers — black-eyed susans and goldenrod.

And the 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside was truly breathtaking!

Lake Sunapee far down below.

The ride down was even more gorgeous than the ride up, because the wind was whooshing in my face, the scent of the woods was so strong, and the view was spectacular!

The Craftsmen Fair was wonderful, but the view from the top was THE BEST!
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