Summertime Refreshment

My new favorite, refreshing, zero calorie, no guilt summertime beverage is herbal iced tea.  So simple to make!
I went to the pantry in search of a canning jar, but alas…they were all packed in the basement. However, an empty milk bottle caught my eye and seemed an even better choice.

After filling the bottle with water, I chose my favorite, fruity herbal tea.  Let me just say, if you’re still drinking teas from Lipton or Celestial Seasonings, or any other standard brand of tea, you have NO idea what you’re missing!  Such delectable flavors await from some fabulous, lesser known tea companies.  Paromi teas and Harney & Sons are some of my favorites!

Three tea bags were all that were needed for a quart of water.

Then I capped the bottle and set it outside for the rest of the day and overnight, bringing it in the next morning.  Look at that incredible color!

I find a hint of tea so refreshing, so I fill the glass with ice, then about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way with tea, then the rest of the way with water.  Delicious!  Naturally sweet with no added sugar.  Colette likes to add a few sliced strawberries to hers.  It’s the perfect drink for hot summer days!

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