S'more Night

Last Saturday evening was Colette’s “S’more Night” with friends and family.  We finished the fire pit just in time!  It will truly look finished once the grass grows up between the stones.  But it was ready enough to toast s’mores.

This little girl was too cute for words!  Just look at those cheeks!

And Theo was eager to start toasting a marshmallow.  He’d just gone camping the week before with his dad, grand-dad, and uncles, so he was already a veteran of campfires and the tasty food from them.

Colette planned a very nice evening, with classic sodas…

…a giant Jenga game she made herself…

…all the fixings for some really deluxe s’mores: milk and dark chocolate, graham crackers, regular, jumbo, and homemade coconut marshmallows, chocolate-peanut butter brownies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and York Peppermint Patties…

…and friends, family, adorable kids, and dogs!

Time to try out the fire pit.  Theo sat like this for the longest time, just patiently waiting  for his marshmallow to be ready, until someone (with a longer reach) finally helped him out a bit.

We had a fabulous time with everyone around the fire pit!  Just good conversation and joking, games, tasty treats, and the added bonus of my favorite aroma in the whole, wide world…wood smoke!  We’re just lacking a fiddler to make it complete.

Once the grass has grown up between the stones, I’ll do a final posting on the fire pit with some tips on building one and some cautions on what to avoid.  But for now, we’re going to enjoy it over and over again!

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