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I am a passionate homekeeper!  I positively love all aspects of homekeeping!   Over the years, I have acquired quite a fine collection of books on the topic.  Some of them are still in boxes (from our move six years ago) in the basement.  The ones that aren’t in boxes recently moved from the surface of my kitchen desk to the shelf above it.  So, in case you are in need of a handy reference book, or your homekeeping needs a little dusting off and fresh inspiration, here are some titles I recommend from my collection.

Apples - Roget Yepsen
The American Frugal Housewife (a reproduction book) – Lydia Marie Child
Forgotten Household Crafts - John Seymour
Butt’ry Shelf Almanac - Mary Mason Campbell (illustrated by Tasha Tudor)
Housekeeping in Old Virginia (a reproduction book)
Honey Crafting - Leeann Coleman and Jayne Barnes
The Forgotten Arts: Growing, Gardening & Cooking with Herbs - Richard M. Bacon
Home Cheese Making - Ricki Carroll
Kitchen Gardens - Mary Mason Campbell (illustrated by Tasha Tudor)
Your Backyard Herb Garden - Miranda Smith
Gardening in New England - Jacqueline Heriteau and Holly Hunters Stonehill
Household Wisdom - Stephanie Donaldson
Home Comforts - Cheryl Mendelson (an indispensible reference!)
The New Hampshire Gardener’s Companion - Henry Homeyer
The Best Apples to Buy & Grow - Beth Hanson
Successful Berry Growing - Gene Logsdon
Milk Based Soaps - Casey Makela
The Joy of Keeping a Root Cellar - Jennifer Megyesi
The Soap Book - Sandy maine
The Herbalist (antique book)
Advice to a Wife and Mother (antique book)
Wmsbrg Art of Cookery (a reproduction book)
The Naturally Clean Home - Karyn Siegel-Maier
Fun for the Household (an antique gem of a book!)


  1. That's quite a collection! I would like to read Housekeeping in Old Virginia, since my paternal grandmother and hundreds of years of her line lived there. Have you read Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management? It's a very fun book!

  2. Thanks, Jean. I have read bits and pieces of it. I think that I own it...in a box somewhere. But it really ought to be on that shelf too! Thanks for jogging my memory!

  3. One of the first things I like to see is someone's favorite books or booklist. I was thrilled to see your Mary Mason Campbell books illustrated by Dear Tasha. Some of my 'Faves' also.
    Love your blog. I'll visit again; I've bookmarked you.


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