Shed Raising

Saturday was our shed raising!  After two years of chiseling away, the day had finally come!  My only jobs were taking pictures and providing beverages and snacks.

Meanwhile, outside all was in readiness.  Friends and family had gathered to lend a hand.

First wall going up!

Ta da!  This wall will have a window in it with a view of the woods.

Preparing for the second bent to go up.

Second bent in place.

Putting up the last wall was a bit more difficult.  It was very resistant to dropping into place.

A sledgehammer was most convincing at encouraging it to drop into place.

Technohubby’s plans, where the whole project began, and the box full of our custom cut pegs for pegging it all together when finished.

Snack break.

And it’s up!  What an amazing job they all did!

The next day, Theo helped hammer in some of the wooden pegs.  TOO cute!

There is much more work to go…gravel beneath it, a floor, walls, windows, roof, doors, etc.  Can’t wait until it’s all done!


  1. It is so beautiful! Great job! Deb Meyers

  2. Thank you (from them)! They did an amazing job!


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