Needle & Thread

Winter is such a cozy time.  No garden beckons me.  The weather often makes even taking a walk undesirable.  So, there is plenty of time for quiet sewing.  And my fingers have been quite busy plying needle and thread so far this year.  Here’s a glimpse at most of the new offerings in my shops.
From Jiggety Pig, there is the Chocolates Bag and the Pomegranate Bag:

And from Wonderful Life Farm, there are colonial boy's costumes in two sizes, and two wool, plaid bomber hats, in blue or brown.  I love the wool in the bomber hats.  It comes from a small store in New Hampshire, the Dorr Mill Store, that is simply packed with woolens!…from socks to blankets to shirts to yardage!  And all their yardage is British- or American-made!  Really first-rate, top-quality wool!

Tomorrow it’s going to snow, and I have plans for a very quiet day of hand-sewing and garden planning.

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