Happy Birthday, George!...and Nora!

Last Saturday night, I began this blog posting.  I was going to mention that it was George Washington’s birthday.  And I was going to tell you about how I pulled my cherry pie filling out of the freezer, where it’d been since last summer and baked a cherry pie for my family.

And I did do all those things.  And then I leaned back, licking my lips, and proclaimed, “I love George Washington’s birthday!” And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Felicity called and said, “Come down to the hospital and meet your newest granddaughter!”
Teeny-tiny Nora and George Washington share a birthday!  She arrived weighing 6 lbs., 2 0z. and was 18 1/2″ long.  Details about George Washington’s actual birth are unknown.  But he couldn’t possibly have been this cute!

Welcome to the world, Nora!  Welcome to our family!


  1. And yet another thing we have in common. We both have beautiful granddaughters named Nora. :)

    Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Congratulations to your family Kate! She is beautiful. deb meyers

  3. Congratulations to you and to your whole family! I love the name "Nora" - so old fashioned. I haven't heard it for years.
    Your cherry pie looks delicious - and you reminded me that I have three pies-worth of pie cherries in our freezer and it's time to use them. Our cherry harvest was so poor last summer that instead of the usual 10 to 14 quart freezer bags full, we picked only half that much. And whether it feels like it or not right now, summer will arrive - so, using those cherries now is a great idea. I love that Nora and George share a birthday! Praying for you - Esther in NJ

  4. Thank you for all the well wishes!

    And Esther - Yes, pulling my cherry pie filling out of the freezer reminded me that I have nine peach pie filling bags down there. Time to start making cobblers!


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