Vintage Splendor

Whenever I’m back in southern California, I try to make a quick stop at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton. When I lived there, it was one of my favorite shops.  Whenever I travel anywhere, I keep my eyes open for velvet ribbons, especially ones in interesting colors.  (I use them for hangers for Christmas stockings in the shop.)  And no where is there a more dazzling array of vintage velvet ribbon than at Gilding the Lily, so I made a very quick stop there last November!  After choosing several yards of the most amazing green velvet ribbon, I moved on to searching for the rest of the store just for fun.  And I came home with this!

A stunning antique mother-of-pearl button set in a bezel and dangling from a slightly sparkly chain.  I’ve loved mother-of-pearl all my life, and to find a vintage piece that tied in my love of sewing…too perfect!

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