It's Cold

How cold is it?  Cold enough that we regularly awaken to find beautifully intricate patterns of ice crystals on our windows!

Too cold to take a walk.  Cold enough that it takes 45 minutes to warm the upstairs from it’s overnight temperature of 58 degrees to its daytime temperature of 65.  So cold that we are constantly waging war against ice build-up on the driveway…and  barely winning.  So cold that the top story on the New Hampshire news was how a 12-year old girl got her tongue stuck to a pole.  So cold that the steam venting out from the dryer freezes, and it looks like smoke or clouds billowing out of our house.  It got to 11 degrees today, with a windchill of -7.
January in New Hampshire.  It’s just wicked cold!  It makes us very, very grateful for a warm home.

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