Feeling Rested and Productive

It’s been a really nice Christmas vacation!  We start back up homeschooling on Monday, and Technohubby goes back to work then too.  But this time off has been wonderful and a nice blend of productivity and restfulness.  In the last two weeks, we/I have:
- celebrated Christmas and New Year’s
- did inventory for my Etsy shop
- reorganized the sewing room
- gone to the movies twice (saw the latest installment of The Hobbit and Saving Mr. Banks)
- taken some brisk walks
- de-decorated the house
- did some snow shoveling
- finished one book and started another
- did lots of cooking
- tackled some of the areas of the house that needed some organization
- did plenty of sleeping in each morning
- watched movies as a family
- had lunch out with Technohubby
- did lesson plans for January
- made a few “just because” gifts for people
All in all, I’m feeling nicely relaxed and ready to go back to real life.  I’m just glad Sunday comes before then!

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