Excellent Roll Recipe

I’ve tried a couple of new dinner roll recipes lately, and everyone agreed that this one is really good!  You can click here to go the the link for the recipe.  They are light and fluffy and sort of melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  They reheat really well without getting tough in the microwave (about 20 secs. for a single roll).  They keep well for days.  I did some experimenting with the recipe, and discovered that if you let the dough rise through the first two risings, you can then cover the formed rolls with plastic wrap and pop the pan into your freezer.  Then, on the day you want them, just pull them out 3-4 hours before you need to serve them, set them on the counter to warm and to do their last rising, then pop in the oven.  So fabulous!  You can do nearly all the work on a quiet baking day, and have piping hot rolls very easily on a day when you’re making a big meal.
There’s something so satisfying in the sight and smell of rising dough.  Mmmm.

I plan to make multiple smaller batches, that would be just right for a single family meal, to put in the freezer.  It would also be great to have some full-size pans in the freezer, all ready to accompany a meal to a sick friend or for a family that had a new baby.


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