Educating the Home Decorator

When it comes to decorating our home, I know what I like when I see it.  I know that if I absolutely love it, and the price is within my budget, that I ought to buy it, because I never regret it when I do.  And I'm slow and careful about thinking through my purchases, sometimes waiting years for just the right piece to come along and find a place in our home.  But I don't always know the correct decorating terminology for certain pieces of furniture.  This can make shopping a bit of a challenge, if you are trying to describe to someone what you want.

Recently, the online retailer, One King's Lane, asked me to check out their Home Decor Resource Guide.  I was honored to be asked!  And I was really thrilled to discover what a useful tool it is for learning about decorating styles, furniture history, and terminology!  It's a one-stop spot for teaching yourself to be your own best interior designer!

When we were house hunting, after just moving across the country to New England, we knew we wanted a guest room.  Guests were likely to come and visit and stay a while, since nearly all of our friends and relatives live on the west coast.  So, decorating a guest room was top of the list of priorities when we moved into our new home.  I settled on a color scheme: brown, taupe, and red.  And I set about furnishing it with a mixture of new items, antique pieces, and reproduction furniture.  While the bed was a modern, queen-size bed, other pieces had to have that "touched by history" feel that is so very New England.

I wanted the room to have a versatile chair.  A chair that could sit in the corner and be useful, for say...sitting in when putting on shoes.  But also a chair that could easily be pulled over to the small desk nearby, so a guest could work on their laptop or write a postcard home.  And one day, I discovered just what I'd been searching for...

By going to the Home Decor Resource Guide at One Kings Lane, I discovered that my uneducated instincts were actually fairly accurate in choosing a piece that reflects the 18th century history that draws so many visitors to New England.  But now I know what type of chair I have!  It's a slat-back chair, and is considered to be "...the quintessential American chair".

The Home Decor Resource Guide taught me that this slat-back chair with its rush seat is one of the "...popular Colonial chairs of the 1700s (which) represented American ingenuity, quality of craftsmanship, and the understated tastes of early America. Each one remains a part of American chair vernacular to this day."

What a great resource!  And even beyond chairs, you can research your own sofas, tables, and more!  In short, I found this a really useful tool for educating myself in furniture styles, history, and terminology, and an easy way to make myself a better decorator of our home.  I encourage you to check out the resource for yourself by clicking here.

Thanks to One Kings Lane for making me aware of a great resource!

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