The Shops

Although I don't talk about it much, I do keep pretty busy creating and sewing for my Etsy shops, Wonderful Life Farm and Jiggety Pig.  The shops are stocked for Christmas with all sorts of good things!  

Over at Jiggety Pig, you'll find marketing bags in lots of fun styles!  And you'll also find sets of note cards featuring the beautiful produce found at farmers' markets here in New Hampshire.  Below is just a small sampling of what's in the shop.

Meanwhile, the shelves of Wonderful Life Farm are stocked with 13 different styles of Christmas stockings, from manly plaids to a Downton Abbey-inspired silk to classic toile (shown below).

Also, in Wonderful Life Farm you'll find: lavender sachets, a Little Women Christmas paper chain, Dickens Christmas banners, one last gardening smock, more note card sets, Christmas cards featuring New England scenes, and some historical costumes like my Mary and Laura Ingalls costumes.  And yes, that cow did just happen to wander into our photo shoot...much to our delight!

Just click on any of the shop names above to take you to my shops!

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