When I was 17 years old, I had a white flannel nightgown, and it was THE best!  So cozy and warm and feminine.  I loved that nightgown and was so sad when it finally wore out.  I've slipped into the habit and comfort of pajamas, but I've always wanted to have another one of those white flannel nightgowns.  So this year I bought myself some flannel and some really beautiful American-made cotton lace...nothing synthetic or scratchy...just all-natural and all-comfort.   And today it is was finished!  It has a voluminous collar to keep my neck and shoulders warm, indulgently long and feminine sleeves, and is long enough to drag the floor ever so slightly on the sides.  Ohhh…I’m going to be cozy warm this New England winter!


  1. just beautiful! Watching the Sound of Music live last night, made notes of 'Maria's' gown and robe...then to see this!

    deb meyers

  2. Looks so cozy and very feminine.


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