Bring Home the Tree

Going to get the Christmas tree is one of those classic, New England experiences that we just treasure!  And this year, a couple of inches of fresh snow on the ground only made it better!
We start out on a paved road where the sign points you in the right directions.  Yep, that is really $35 for any size tree!

Eventually, the paved road becomes an unpaved road, and then there’s a nearly hidden sign that points you to a narrow one-lane dirt road that takes you back to the family-owned tree farm.  This one-lane road is actually wide compared to the one-lane exit road.

The temperatures were right about freezing and there was a wind blowing, but we were bundled up and the hunt was on!

The trees looked so pretty with their fresh dusting of snow.

As usual, I asked Max to check the tree for squirrels (just teasing, of course).  This year’s tree is tall, more stately than bushy, and nice and fresh.

Colette had some fun by bringing along our tree topper and posing for a few pictures.

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