Tasty Afternoon

One of Colette’s requests for our vacation was a visit to the Original L.A. Farmers’ Market.

It’s really not quite a farmers’ market, although there were a couple of vendors selling fresh produce.  It’s really more like an assortment of food shacks serving all sorts of tasty delights.  We visited the hot sauce shop, where we purchased two canisters of “Slap Yo Mama”, a spicy seasoning we adore, but can’t get in New Hampshire, and a bag of habanero popcorn.

Decisions, decisions about what to eat...

One of the more unusual vendors sold artisan hot dogs made from duck, venison, etc.

In the end, we all decided to try the burgers at Charlie’s, reputed to be one the best burgers in L.A.  Quite tasty!

Afterwards, we went to Dylan’s for some treats of the sweet variety.

In case you’re wondering, it consisted of gummy sharks, palm trees, and cell phones.

And lastly, we had a trolley ride through The Grove (an outdoor mall), which was already sporting its Christmas decorations.

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