Follow the Signs to Autumn Delights

It was a cool, gray day here in New Hampshire.  Leaves were fluttering down from the treetops and skittering along the roadsides.  Mostly, I spent the day sewing.  But we went out in the late morning  to delight in the leaves and to follow signs to autumn delights.
Followed this one to the barn sale.  Technohubby found an old hatchet.  And I bought a metal tray that will be useful in the potting shed.
And then we followed this one to the annual cider pressing at the old cider mill in our town…all proceeds go to a food pantry.  (We bought a jar of cider jelly.)  The press is a belt-driven press dating to 1916, and is quite the marvel to watch in action.

Haha!  Got to love that shirt!

Autumn in New England!  There's just nothing like it!


  1. Kate, I just found your "wonderful" blog via a pin on Pinterest. I just spent a bit too much time here looking around (although not enough...I will have to return soon), and I think that you are a kindred spirit!

  2. So glad to meet you, Cheryl! I just checked out your blog too. I think we are kindred spirits indeed! Welcome!


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