Autumn Picnic

Saturday, Colette planned a fabulous autumn picnic for our whole family!  We discovered a u-pick orchard with a picnic table, and that’s the location we settled upon.

I bought a half peck of apples from the lady who owns the orchard, and she told me that her father bought the property in 1943 from it’s original owner.  The apple varieties she sells are: Paula Red, McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Delicious, and Baldwin.  She custom-mixed my half-peck of apples with varieties that make a good pie.  (Just made it tonight…quite tasty!)

Just had to share a photo of the house across the street from the orchard and it’s beautiful trees!  Isn’t it gorgeous?
The picnic food was gourmet sandwiches (made to order), organic grapes, red potato salad, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and assorted beverages.  It was served “boxed lunch”-style!

Fun family times!

Strolling Historic Deerfield

I took a lovely day off from normal responsibilities last week.  The ONE thing I really wanted to do this autumn was stroll the streets of Historic Deerfield and snap pictures.  I haven’t been there for quite a few years and was longing to go again.  Historic Deerfield is an interesting place.  It is partly a museum with historic homes that belong to the museum and are open for touring.  It’s most infamous event was the Indian raid of 1704.  I’ve read the diary of the minister who was taken captive by the Indians, and it is fascinating reading.  Max is about to read it for school too.  It is called “The Redeemed Captive”, and I highly commend it to your reading.

It’s also partly a neighborhood where people live in privately-owned historic homes.  And it also contains an exclusive private school, so students and their visiting families can be seen strolling the campus and streets everywhere.  Here’s a view of part of the campus, but I took this shot mostly so you could see the beautiful autumn foliage in the distance.

This time, I opted not to buy a museum ticket and just stick with my original intention of strolling the leaf-strewn streets.

As usual, it was the front doors (so beautifully decorated for autumn) that captured my attention.

This home belonged to an officer who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and there was a touching tribute etched on a mill stone nearby that said “…his descendants cherish his home”.

Such a beautiful, autumn day!

Now I’m thinking that I need to go back when there’s snow on the ground and it’s decorated for Christmas!

Pumpkin Patch

This week, Colette and I met Felicity and the kids at a local farm stand to admire the pumpkins!

We instructed him, “Give your sister a hug,” and this is what we got.

This one came home with us!

New Ventures

Colette is opening an Etsy shop!  She will be selling Christmas stockings too!  Her shop is dedicated to the spirit of New England and is called Northeastern Nautical.  (Click here to visit!)  Some of her stockings reflect the nautical influence here.  And others convey the ruggedness of our mountain ranges with their lodge look.  Here she is with an armload of vintage blanket finds about to head off to the dry cleaners with them before turning them into some fabulous stockings!

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