Sewing Projects

It’s been a busy year for my Etsy shops.  Starting the new one, Jiggety Pig has consumed much of my time and attention.  And I’ve felt a little bit sorry for Wonderful Life Farm that has just sort of sat there, neglected, for much of the year.  But my imagination has not sat stagnant!  I’ve wanted to turn the emphasis of Wonderful Life Farm towards items that are historically inspired.  So, to that end, I’ve been busy creating historical costumes for the shop over the summertime.  Recently, I photographed them on my favorite models (siblings!) in the historic village of Hancock, New Hampshire.

I still have one more colonial costume to alter and photograph on their little sister.  My mind is swirling with other historic costume ideas!  To see all the photos I took of them, click here to go to the shop.

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