New Ventures

Today, I delved into the intriguing field of home herbal health.  I think it’s interesting when remedies that would’ve been used by our grandmothers or great-grandmothers and are thought of as folk medicine are suddenly discovered to have a scientific basis.  And I like the idea that God created plants and herbs with healing properties.  So when the a local hospital offered a home herbalism education series, I decided to try out the first one.  Wow!  I learned so much!  Wow!  Do I have a lot to learn!

Today, we learned how to make teas for health, and we sampled teas made from: ginger, rosehips, mint, hibiscus, oat straw (tastes like hay smells…sweet and honey-flavored), two different types of cinnamon (sweet cinnamon being my favorite tea of the day), and from stinging nettle (my second favorite from the day).  Did you know that stinging nettle is an excellent source of calcium, and that 80% of it absorbs into your body…more than anything else on the planet!  

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