Farm Stand

Today, Colette and I made a quick trip down to our favorite farm stand for some Indian corn for the front door.

It’s a great place any time of year, but never better than in the autumn.  I’m sure we’ll be back again, hopefully with Felicity and the kids, to take more pictures.  But here are our pictures from today.
Such a pretty location…with the sunflowers, the apple orchards, and the white steeple of a church in the distance.

The farm stand is just starting to brim with seasonal delights.  Pumpkins were coming in from the fields by the truckload and being unloaded by a jovial group of seasonal Jamaican workers.  Late summer corn, tomatoes, and peaches were sharing space with gourds, squashes, and Indian corn.  It was tempting to take about a thousand pictures, but these were my two favorite scenes from today:

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