Cider Pressing

Last Sunday, we were invited to a friends’ farm for a cider pressing!  And on the first day of autumn too!  Couldn’t get any better than that!  It is a gorgeous farm!  And so alive with plants and animals and friends and generosity!

First we picked apples…cartloads of apples.  Then they were hauled to the pressing area and dumped out on a large tarp.  Then they were washed.

Then came the pressing!

Hee!  Pig in the orchard!  That was one happy pig!

Then it was time for a hayride!  Oh joy!!!!  As though apples, sunshine, fresh-pressed cider, and friends weren’t enough on the first day of autumn…a hayride too!  Be still my heart!

And this hayride was taken with violin accompaniment…hymns and singing!

Through the pasture, past the piggies, through the woods, and over the hill we went.

What generous friends to supply us with such precious memories!

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