Birthday Celebration

Today was Colette's birthday!  Love this girl!
Her day started with a near sell-out at the farmers’ market.  The surprise of the day was when the whole market, vendors and customers alike, sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and then the musicians came over to her tent and did a personal concert for her.  What a treat!

And her day ended with chocolate cake and ice cream and a blaze of candles!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Colette!! My birthday was Sept. 13th, what a great month to have a birthday as we begin to close the door on Summer and open it to Fall. This may not come in handy now, but it may when you are a bit older - I celebrate my day starting on its eve, then for a few days following I get away with sneaking a few special things into a day or two afterwards calling those days "My Birthday, the Sequel"! :-) Thanks, Kate, for letting me send a personal note to Colette - what a blessing she must be to you! - Esther in NJ

  2. Indeed she is! And happy birthday to you too!


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