Outdoors Today

The weather was fine today, and since we’re having an outdoor event (a dance actually!) at our house Friday night, today was the day to get some of the outdoor chores done that have been beckoning to me for quite some time now.  Lots of sunscreen and four hours later, I had:
- shoveled out one compost pit where some compost contraband had been deposited.
- worked with Max to shovel out and sift the two-year old compost pile, which had started out 4-ft. high and was now only 2-ft. high.  We ended up with an entire wheelbarrow full of fabulous compost!
- strung the bean trellis with twine.
- pulled up all the bolted lettuces and deposited them in the now-empty compost area.
- harvested thyme, basil, and oregano and hung them to dry.

- harvested chives, snipped them, and froze them.
- annihilated two tomato horn worms.
- deadheaded all the perennials.
- pulled the weeds in the front flower beds.
Whew!  Feeling tired, but productive today!

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