Product Review: Natural Green Cleaning Products

Recently, I've become acquainted with Gabor and Hayley of Natural Green Cleaning Products on Etsy.  They offered to ship me a sampling of their products so I could try them out.  Making my own, all-natural cleaning products has always been something I've wanted to do...something I'll get around to some time...something I haven't found time for yet.  Can anyone relate?  So, the offer of some natural products shipped straight to me was very appealing!

I LOVE having a clean house!  And when it's clean, I like it to smell clean too!  And I don't mean that I like it to smell like ammonia and Comet.  I like it to smell clean and fresh.  So, I was delighted to receive the samples in all three of the fragrances they offer: lemongrass, lavender, and citrus & spice.

This morning I put the products to the test in my bathroom, which was long overdue for a good cleaning.  Since lemon is my preferred "clean and fresh" smell, I grabbed the Lemongrass All Purpose Cleaner first and set to work around the bathtub.

Mmm...fabulous scent!  It was a light, lemon scent...not overpowering at all.  But a cleaning product can't just smell good, it has to actually work well to.  I liked the clean feel it gave to the tile.  It cut through soap scum on the tub.  And it worked equally well on the crystal decanters...sparkling clean!

Next, I turned my attention to my side of the vanity.  This time I tested the Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner.  Wow!  Not a sickly, sweet lavender at all.  This lavender is very much how naturally growing lavender actually smells.  It was like walking in a garden!  Delightful!  AND it's tough!  Everything you see here, was cleaned with this cleaner!

Everything!  I found it worked equally well for: wood, chrome, glass, mirrors, and marble!  I was completely surprised to think that I could replace half the cleaning products in my cleaning caddy with just this ONE product!

But would it work on the sink?  So, here's my husband's sink...badly in need of scrubbing.  This is a good "before" picture of what my sink looked like too.

And "after"...sparkling clean!  It worked great on that scummy ring around the drain!

Then I switched to the Citrus & Spice All-Purpose Cleaner to clean my husband's side of the vanity.  I expected this to be my least favorite scent (just a personal preference thing), and was quite surprised when it became my favorite!  I loved it's fresh and spicy smell...just the right blending of the two.  In fact, I loved this so much, that I chose this one to continue cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

In short, I LOVE these products!  I think they are a great value for the money ($7.99/32 oz. bottle...shown here) or $19.99/3 pack of 32 oz. bottles shown here.  And they are even offering free shipping on orders of ten dollars.  AND they sell one 32 oz. bottle and a refill concentrate bottle that will make up FIVE bottles worth for $24.99.  I especially like it that they offer the refill deal, because as they say, "Save by getting a Cleaner Refill and save a little bit of our Planet by reusing and consuming less packaging".

They also sent me bottles of their three Air Fresheners, also in the same scent.  With two golden retrievers, we are always in need of these!  A great way to freshen a room with one of their fabulous scents!

To read more about Natural Green Cleaning Products, or to purchase these "mighty dirt ningjas", as they say, click here to go to their Etsy shop!


When we first moved here, we noticed what appeared to be berry bushes growing.  But it was autumn, and it was hard to tell what type they might be.  The next summer I spotted a few blackberries growing on one and tasted one of them.  Ugh.  SOUR!
But this year, we seem to have a bumper crop of the wild blackberries, so I was motivated to go out and pick them.  With enough sugar, they ought to taste good, right?  However, this year’s crop seems fairly sweet.  Yay!  They grow, in what we call “the lower part of the yard”, or “the brush”, or even occasionally, “the back 40″.   Now, I’ve renamed it “the berry thicket”!

Dream Fulfilled

Monday, Colette and I did some thrifting.  While she was looking at clothing, I rounded a corner and found this!  A pewter soup tureen!

On the way out the door with our purchases, I said to her, “I’m most excited about the soup tureen.  ALL MY LIFE, I’ve wanted a soup tureen!  Seriously. I’ve wanted a soup tureen since I was about nine years old.”
She gave me a quizzical look and said, “You wanted weird things when you were a kid.  Me?  I wanted a dragon.”

Sabbath Rest

Sunday supper on the deck this sunny afternoon.
"Come, Thou Fount of every blessing,
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace;
Streams of mercy, never ceasing,
Call for songs of loudest praise.
Teach me some melodious sonnet,
Sung by flaming tongues above.
Praise the mount! I’m fixed upon it,
Mount of Thy redeeming love."

-Robert Robinson, 1758

Summer Dance in the Country

Last night we hosted a “Summer Dance in the Country”, as our invitation called it.  We billed it as “…outside — under the stars…”, which is a nice way of diverting attention away from the mosquito population (we hoped).  We hired a dance caller for the evening, decorated in a summery, fun way, and invited friends to join us!
All day long it rained.  ALL DAY.  Finally, one hour before people were to arrive, the rain stopped, patches of blue sky could be seen, and we quickly set up outside.  Praises be to God!
We set up a refreshment table outside with a burlap table cover (hiding a folding table) that I whipped up last week and an antique battenburg lace tablecloth.

Pennant banners make everything more festive!
It was Melissa’s first dance!  At first, she took everything very seriously.  Just look at that expression!  But by the end of the evening, she amazed us all by clapping to the music!
Let the dancing begin!

Girls in twirly skirts of any age are priceless!

I love this picture!  Theo is captivated by the dancing…watching just quietly from behind the refreshment table.
The sun set.  The lamps were lit.  Strawberry shortcake was served.

We were so grateful for each and every person who came and made the evening a lovely memory!  Their smiles and laughter brought us so much joy!

More Desserts

The second meeting of Colette’s Dessert Club met at our house Monday night.  She made a gigantic s’more cake.  There was also chocolate…and chocolate…and something that smelled deliciously of Christmas.  A tasty time was had by all.

Outdoors Today

The weather was fine today, and since we’re having an outdoor event (a dance actually!) at our house Friday night, today was the day to get some of the outdoor chores done that have been beckoning to me for quite some time now.  Lots of sunscreen and four hours later, I had:
- shoveled out one compost pit where some compost contraband had been deposited.
- worked with Max to shovel out and sift the two-year old compost pile, which had started out 4-ft. high and was now only 2-ft. high.  We ended up with an entire wheelbarrow full of fabulous compost!
- strung the bean trellis with twine.
- pulled up all the bolted lettuces and deposited them in the now-empty compost area.
- harvested thyme, basil, and oregano and hung them to dry.

- harvested chives, snipped them, and froze them.
- annihilated two tomato horn worms.
- deadheaded all the perennials.
- pulled the weeds in the front flower beds.
Whew!  Feeling tired, but productive today!

New Project

Max been busy doing summer projects around here.  This week he fixed the caving pavers in the front walk.  And now this:

It’s just the beginning of a fire pit for the backyard!  It’s hard to tell from the distance I took the picture, but it’s more than 4-ft. across.  I’m looking forward to s’mores already!
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