Fun Day with Colette

Last Saturday, Colette needed to make a trip to King Arthur Flour in Vermont.  So, the two of us took off on a quest for fresh sourdough starter.  It was quite the adventure, since we left without the GPS and had to navigate all sorts of back roads and  freeways, in addition to weathering the sporadic thunderstorm throughout the day.  But at last we arrived and did our shopping and bakery buying.  Now here’s a true picture!

Then we popped back over the border into Hanover, New Hampshire, home of Dartmouth College.  But more importantly, it is home to “the best gelato in the country” at Morano Gelato.  Here were today’s flavors:

Oh yum!  Soooo rich and custard-y!  This authentic Sicilian gelato shop makes their flavors fresh daily.  Colette had a sampling of four different types of gelato: biscotto (cookie), stracciatella (chocolate chip), cioccolato al latte (milk chocolate), and cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate).  In the foreground of the picture, is my Italian wafer cone with cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate) and crema fiorntina (vanilla custard).

All essential errands being run, Colette did some bargain shopping in the clearance section of J. Crew (and I mean that with all seriousness).  I did some people watching, one of my favorite occupations, from my park bench perch on Hanover’s charming Main Street.

We got home quite late, but since we came bearing brownies from King Arthur, there were no complaints.

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