Freshness at the Ready

I’ve been trying to cultivate a new habit in the last few months.  I cut up a bunch of produce and store it in my super, air-tight containers.  Having the produce stored in this way keeps it fresh for a week or more.  It’s helpful in encouraging healthy eating, because having all the fruit cut up at once makes it as easy to snack on as anything one might find in the pantry.  And it varies our eating habits more.  Now a bowl of fresh fruit is as easy to fix for breakfast as a bowl of cereal.  It's a time-saving habit as each small container can hold an entire chopped cucumber (to add to a salad for lunch or dinner) or an entire chopped red bell pepper (for omelettes, salads, and more).  And it’s a huge encouragement in eating what’s in season …just staring at me so temptingly from those containers…mmm.

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