Christmas in July

Usually, I discipline myself to start focusing on Christmas…gift ideas, gift basket ideas, cards, etc…about this time of year, so there’s no craziness adding stress to life in December.  Last year, despite my best intentions, Christmas cards were a fiasco from beginning to end, even though they did finally go out in the mail.  Determined to be more organized this year, I ordered our Christmas cards already!  And this year they are coming from Tasha Tudor and Family!  What a thrill to get this sweetly labeled package in the mail!

I’ve ordered from her family at least once before (and also received a gift sent from a friend from them), and they are just as delightful as you might imagine to work with!  Customer service is warm and personal!  And each package is a delight to open, bundled simply but artfully, just as you might imagine Tasha Tudor herself might do.

Click here to go shop for yourself!   So many beautiful items embracing a simpler time.


  1. Greetings Kate,
    Lovely cards! I sent those out last year:-) Such a beautiful depiction of Christmastide, wouldn't you say?

  2. I love the cards you have picked out. We were terribly late getting ours out last Christmas too. I need to get mine out early this year since we have moved to Delaware and everyone will need our new address. ; 0)

  3. You are wise to think of everyone needing your new address, and thus getting them out early! We've experienced that too.


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